Maintenance and management of your aquariums

Aquarium maintenance is an essential activity that must be performed regularly to provide a stable, healthy environment to fish and plants. The key to an effective maintenance plan is to complete simple, basic tasks which, when completed regularly, take up very little time and result in a clean, thriving aquarium.
iAquarium Logger allows you to manage, control, schedule and monitor your aquarium fully. All in one app. Easy and fast to use.

Why use the APP?

In our lives, we have to deal with so many tasks, and sometimes we forget to devote the proper amount of time to our aquarium. Through notifications on your phone, iAquarium Logger helps remind you to perform maintenance and monitor the routine work on your aquarium.


One of the biggest concerns for aquarium lovers is maintenance on their aquarium. This aspect, far from trivial, is absolutely vital to the welfare of our fish and taking proper care of our small aquatic ecosystem. Because of this and in order for us to enjoy them, iAquarium Logger is designed to make it easier to control and monitor your aquarium.


The key to an effective plan is to carry out simple basic tasks which, when completed regularly, take up very little time and result in a clean, thriving aquarium. Active biological processes can deplete some essential ingredients in the water and cause the buildup of nitrates and other unwanted substances. That is why iAquarium Logger allows you to create tasks that help you remember when to complete each of them.


Controlling water parameters and tasks are vital for a proper balance in our aquarium. iAquarium Logger will collect the measurements and tasks performed to report the progress and current status of your aquarium.


Write down each measurement you take on the parameters in the water to monitor and control them.


Create routine maintenance tasks for your aquarium and let the app help you remember them.


Do you know how much you spend on your aquarium? Our app creates expense reports to monitor this.


Nothing is better than a graph to see how your aquarium is performing.

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IAquarium Logger privacy policy
Last update January 14, 2020

Privacy Policy

Personal information

iAquarium Logger does not collect or request any personal information. When you download and use iAquarium Logger, we do not require you to provide any personal information or collect any personal information.

Permissions requested

iAquarium Logger, when you start for the first time, will ask for permission to send you local notifications of the status of your aquariums, as well as access to the camera and your photo gallery to be able to add photographs of your aquariums to the application. You can deny this access at any time. In no case will this information leave your mobile device or be sent to third parties.

Contact information

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies, you can contact us through our support email.


Please send us an email if you have any queries.